Possible effects of the Winkelvoss ETF on the bitcoin course

The Winkelvoss ETF has certainly been given sufficient skepticism in the past and especially now in the final phase by the SEC.

When it comes to Spencer Bogart, the Winkelvoss ETF has just 25% chance of success. He personally sees little hope of a "go" on the part of the SEC.

Possible effects on the Bitcoin course The inventors of the fund have once again strengthened their bullish tone

in recent weeks. In December, they describe Bitcoin as the "potentially the largest social network" for the transaction of money, which it can easily take up with gold or even beats it.

With the latter view they are not alone - Vinny Lingham sees Bitcoin as a more useful investment tool than gold in the coming years.

However, there are also concerns about the ETF's impact on the bitcoin rate in relation to the ETF. Cho, Bogart and other market observers pointed to the vulnerability of the still relatively small Bitcoin market. Even "marketable" investments could undermine the market with any transaction and expose to a corresponding volatility. However, the real impact must be waited if the ETF should be approved and its full potential developed.