After a prolonged rally: Bitcoin price approaches the 600 US dollar mark

In the past week, the value per bitcoin once again increased strongly and is already approaching the psychologically important 600 US dollar mark. In the weeks before, the price remained stable at 450 US dollars. The digital currency Bitcoin is currently developing a whole new trend with peak values ​​of around 590 US dollars (520 euros) after a long and stable period.

On the weekend, Bitcoin reached record highs of 3. 866, 11 yuan and put once again: Current price 3. 870, 89 yuan.

Again, other market observers see the actual trigger for the bitcoin price rise in the record-breaking and the Ethereum blockchain underlying The DAO sale. Here, Ethereum token ethers worth more than 150 million US dollars were pumped into the project and the popularity of the currency thus drastically increased. First, the value of Ether increased by more than 50% within one week up to May 20, only then did the first sell-off not take long in the course and the course sank from henceforth further off. The value of bitcoin, on the other hand, rose by more than 4% in the week.

English original version by Charles Bovaird via CoinDesk