New WordPress plugin allows you to earn bitcoins with Faucets bitcoin

Nowadays, faucets are used to generate smaller bitcoin entries. You just have to visit a Faucet, just click on the website for a few minutes with the mouse and a few Satoshis can get together. The operators of Bitcoin-Faucets earn their money again through the advertising banner traffic. The most visited Bitcoin websites are by the way Bitcoin-Faucets. Bitcoin-Faucets are basically already as long as there is Bitcoin. The first Bitcoin-Faucet was developed by Gavin Andresen in 2010. At that time every user got 5 Bitcoins (at the time a Bitcoin was only 8 cents).

However, it is quite hard for the normal user to develop such a faucet as it requires some programming skills. With a new WordPress-Plugin it should now be possible for all WordPress users to set up such a Faucet.

The process is quite simple and requires only basic WordPress CMS knowledge. However, the plugin is still in the Betaphase, so that occasional bugs are to be expected. The developers, however, assured that they would react quickly to bugs.

In the past, much of the revenue was generated through Google AdSense. However, Google has begun to ban Faucet traffic from its AdSense program. At present, most Faucit websites use different Bitcoin ad networks to monetize their traffic.

However, much of the Bitcoin community is critically opposed to Faucets because the high transaction frequency of tiny bitcoin transfers is a lot of network resources. Overall, the image of Faucets is rather negatively occupied.

The popularity of Bitcoin-Faucets will probably not be so fast due to the hope of a strongly increasing bitcoincourt.

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English original version of an anonymous guest author of NewsBtc