Sparkasse blocked sporadically Bitcoin payments

the savings Bank is projected by the Bitcoin exchange Anycoin Direct recently reportedly sporadically payments made for the purchase of Bitcoins block sporadically. "All payment methods: Instant, Giropay and Sepa are affected," according to Bram Ceelen of Anycoin Direct. However, the blocking appears to be only occasional. .

The Bitcoin exchange informed us that the bank's payments are often blocked by the bank without any justification. Thus the customers of the savings bank receive a call shortly after the payment with the statement that the transaction could not be carried out. Other users report a call in which the bank asks for a transaction release and leaves the customer the option to execute the transaction on demand.

"Normally, if the customer opts for the Instant or Giropay payment method, the customer gets his coins within a few minutes. The action of the savings bank, however, compels us to keep the coins back in the short term when making purchases through the savings bank, "Ceelen said. "Often the amount was credited to the customer even though we had already paid the coins. "With this behavior of the banks, it is almost inevitable that some Bitcoin exchanges guarantee only one transaction of the coins within 1-2 business days. Fortunately, however, banks are also very welcome to Bitcoin. A good example of this is the Fidor Bank.

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