Status grants up to $ 50,000,000 reward for finding errors

This summer, there is an additional possibility to earn cash in the crypt diet, thanks to status. The status is a news platform from Ethereum, which provides monetary compensation for each bug.

The app Status wants to be an interface between messenger, browser and access to the remote world. It is currently in the beta version and it is actively worked on. Users who are already familiar with the NetworkToken (SNT) status have been invited to participate in the search. Status offers a surprisingly high reward for users who find errors in the Smart Contracts or in the software.

The amount of rewards

The initiative, which started on 14 June, will allow status to eliminate as many sources of error as possible. Developers who are active in this area have been informed that the finders of a gross error will receive a reward of up to 25,000 US dollars. In the case of critical errors that reveal the vulnerability of the network, there is even the possibility that a reward of $ 50,000 will be passed on to the rescuer. Rewards are paid either in Bitcoin or in Ethereum.

If the interest has been aroused, there is the possibility to deal more closely with the rules. The program will continue to exist after the token has been released.

Developers who have found errors or improvements can get their results sent to security @ status. in sending to help with the improvement process. Anonymous submissions are also welcome.


English original version via CoinTelegraph