Search engine DuckDuckGo integrates Bitcoin Price

The privacy-loving search engine DuckDuckGo now shows the current Bitcoin price with Bitcoin relevant search queries.

The search engine service run by Gabriel Weinberg was founded in 2008 and has recently received a fresh layout. The driving force behind the search engine is the strong focus on the privacy of users. The Bitcoin integration seems to be a logical move and fits perfectly into the concept of the search engine.

The search engine is intended for people who do not want their personal data to be recorded online. Because the search engine does not store personalized data, it does not show any personal search results or customized advertising ads.

Just in 2013, DuckDuckGo recorded more than 13 billion search queries and was able to quickly gain traction.

DuckDuckGo has come to Bitcoin

If, however, Eg for "Bitcoin Quote" or "Bitcoin price request", the application does not appear. This is not the case with other search engines that have begun to display the bitcoin price. Apparently DuckDuckGo is still working on the final solution. This could also be why there was no official announcement to the new feature.

On Bing and Yandex, for example, you can enter "1 BTC to USD" and the search engines automatically calculate the current value.

Wolfram Alpha also offers smaller bitcoin calculations on the onliner computer.

English original version by: Nermin Hajdarbegovic via Coindesk. com

Image Source: DuckDuckGo. com