What the bitcoin scene 2015 expects

What will bring 2015? Some things are certain, others still speculation. 12 Trends and events that you can enter into your Bitcoin calendar for 2015. Both good and bad. We also encounter some surprisingly important charts.


What lasts for a long time: The comes (probably). The two Winklevoss brothers, who are still well-known for not having founded Facebook, are planning to launch a Bitcoin ETF since mid-2013. Perhaps it will be 2015 finally so far?

2 On the other hand, there are still one or two other packets with the

seized Bitcoins coming under the hammer. The US government already auctioned around 70,000 Bitcoins last year. There is still 100 000. The auction will surely put down the price as it will in the very least lead to large purchases being made over the counter. Should the Bitcoin be sold below the market price, this could push the price further. After all, a relief is to be expected when it is over.

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