How to get your free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) -Coins?



have written a manual , as their recommendation looks to get Bitcoin Cash over the Electrum Wallet. This requires the software wallet "Electron Cash", which is a Bitcoin cash fork of the Electrum Wallet.This is not programmed by the Electrum developers, but by the pseudonym "Jonald Fyookball". The developers of Electrum warn, however, to be extremely careful, as it is not yet known how trustworthy the "Electron Cash" is. With a careless approach, it would be very easy not only to access the Bitcoin Cash Coins, but also to all Bitcoins!

These instructions can be found here. // electrum. org / BCC2. txt

Electron Cash can be downloaded here: // www. electronic cash. org /

Electrum's proposed safe approach is to: Install Electron Cash on a separate computer that is not an Electrum Wallet! Transfer all bitcoins of the Electrum Wallet to a new Electrum Wallet (or another Bitcoin Wallet, such as Exodus, Ledger Nano S, or Coinbase). As a result, only the bitcoin (BTC) is transferred from the wallet, but Bitcoin Cash (BTC) still remains on the old Electrum Wallet. Wait until all Bitcoin have been safely transferred (at least six acknowledgments).

Add the Seed or the Private Keys of the old Electrum Wallet (which now contains no Bitcoin) to the Electron Cash Wallet. By now the Bitcoin (BTC) is on another wallet, they are safe and protected from unauthorized access even after the transaction on the Electron Cash Wallet.