How do I buy Dash-Coins?


Zcash Registration at Anycoindirect is very fast and afterwards Dash can be purchased with Giropay or the payment service Sofortüberweisung.In the case of payment via Giropay, however, a verification by means of identification is required (upload of a valid identification document). The payment by direct transfer worked perfectly in our test.

  • Anycoindirect does not offer its own wallet, so here the coins have to be transferred to an existing wallet (for example the online Wallet Coinbase).
  • Without verification of the account (upload of valid ID documents and verification by video chat), only cryptos can be ordered up to 100 euros.
  • The Exodus Wallet
  • The Exodus Wallet
  • offers not only a secure desktop wallet for your own Dash coins, but also nor an integrated exchange possibility with other cryptanalysts. Exodus is a light-wallet for Dash, but also for other cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. What is a Light Wallet? Exodus does not store the entire blockchain of all integrated cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. but serves only as an interface to the crypt-propagation networks. Exodus is quickly set up and immediately ready for operation.
  • Photo: © "Exodus Wallet"
  • Another integrated feature in the exodus wallet is the Exchange facility. By integrating the Shesheshift provider, bitcoins can be exchanged against old coins or old coins.
  • Dash on the Ledger Hardware Wallet
  • Photo: © "Leather Nano S - bitcoinmag. De"
  • A Dash wallet can also be installed on the
  • Ledger hardware wallet

. For this, the normal Ledger Bitcoin Chrome interface must be installed (if not already present).

Photo: © "Leather Nano S - bitcoinmag. De"

These wallet interfaces are small apps that work with the Chrome browser. These can be downloaded here for different currencies: // www. ledgerwallet. com / apps

Photo: © "Leather Nano S - bitcoinmag de" After this, the Ledger App Manager Dash can be installed on the stick. To do this, the app manager must be started, connected to the Ledger stick, and the Dash wallet downloaded. After the application is installed, the Chrome app can be started and the Dash app can be activated on the Ledger-Stick (Attention: It must be the same "Browser support" in the settings of the Dash Wallet on the stick disabled ("disabled".)

Then the Dash Wallet opens in the Chrome interface.