How do I buy Monero (XMR)?


In the first place, Monero attaches great importance to privacy and anonymity. Using the CryptoNight protocol, which uses stealth addresses and ring signatures, Monero has perfect anonymity.

Through the stealth addresses, the money transfer and exit at a known address, unlike many other cryptic approaches, can not be publicly viewed. This is only possible with the Private Key or a View Key. The View Key can be published, and third parties have the option to view the account and the contests.

The ring signatures allow the mix of transactions, so that they are mixed so much that the tracking of money movements on the blockchain is almost impossible. The second major advantage of Monero is scaling: blocks are currently being generated (summer 2017) every two minutes, while bitcoin is about every ten minutes. In addition, there is no upper limit on the block size for Monero, but a new block may only be twice the size of the median of the 100 previously generated blocks. This allows a Monero block to grow further and thus take more transactions. A disadvantage of the ring signatures is, however, that the Monero transaction data volume increases significantly more strongly than with Bitcoin transactions.