Where can I buy Bitcoins (BTC)?

Bitcoin forecast: price development 5,000 euros, 10,000 euros or even 500,000 euros? Photo: © "coinbase.com" The popularity of Bitcoin, the market definition and, above all, the price of Bitcoin are growing steadily. If a Bitcoin cost a US dollar in 2011, the 5.000 dollar mark in September 2017 was only just missed. But there are no limits for the Bitcoin price and what are the reasons for the rapid course development? Peercoin
  • Bit4Coin
  • 789 , 53 Euro (incl. Exchange fee 4, 9%)
  • In addition, there were additional transaction fees for each of the providers, which vary according to the number method. But we have already experienced that at Blockchain. info-favorable Bitcoins were than on the market Bitcoin. de. This is definitely worth the price comparison before each Bitcoin purchase.

    Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)? Photo: © "ethereum. Org"

    Ether, the crypt of the Ethereum network, is similarly popular, as the big brother Bitcoin. By 2016, Ethereum was known only in the cryptocene. In the meantime, the digital currency is gaining increasing popularity, partially exceeding the trading volume of Bitcoin. But where can Ethereum be purchased?

    Testimonials: Secure Ethereum or Ether (ETH) buy or trade.