Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)?

Ethereum Peercoin

Zcash Registration is fast at Anycoindirect and after that Ethereum can be purchased with Giropay or the payment service Sofortüberweisung. In the case of payment via Giropay, however, a verification by means of identification is required (upload of a valid identification document). The payment via Sofortüberweisung has worked perfectly in our test.

Anycoindirect does not offer its own wallet, so here the coins have to be transferred to an existing wallet (for example the online Wallet Coinbase).

Create your own Ethereum Wallet


Without verification of the account (upload of valid ID documents and verification by video chat), only cryptos can be ordered up to 100 euros. In addition, the provider had the worst exchange rate in our test.

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Ethereum Price
What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a distributed system, which is based on its own blockchain and designed for smartcontracts.

Thus, Ethereum is not a pure crypt diet, but behind the idea of ​​Ethereum is much more. Ethereum, however, needs a digital currency for the provided computing power and the operation of Ethereum. Ethereum is based on the Blockchain technology, just like most cryptic approaches, including Bitcoin. And exactly the benefits of blockchain technology transfer Ethereum not only to another digital currency, but also provides a platform for Dapps (Distributed Apps) consisting of Smart Contracts. What can Ethereum be used for? The Distributed System of the Dapps based on the blockchain technology offers many possibilities. For example, for secure e-voting systems, virtual organizations, crowdfunding, or contract management. For example, the land registry could be replaced with Ethereum, since land relations could be secured in the blockchain. What is Ether? What is the difference between ethereum and ether? Ethereum is an ecosystem based on Dapps (Distributed Apps) and Ether is the associated crypt diet. The fuel of Ethereum is ether. Ethereum would not work without computing power. Nobody would edit and confirm the Smart Contracts. In addition, the counterfeiting security of the SmartContracts processed by Ethereum is increasing with increasing computing power. In order to provide as much computing power as possible to the Ethereum network, there is Ethereum's own crypt diet ether. Ether is scrapped by computing power similar to other digital currencies. Ethereum Wallet: Keeping Ethereum Safe

Just the second step after purchasing Ethereum should be the safe keeping of the digital currency. While Coinbase can store Ethereum as a web wallet, other vendors such as Anycoindirect must specify the wallet addresses when purchasing. If there is no Ethereum Wallet yet, you can find out how an Ethereum Wallet can be created.

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